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The death of Queen Elizabeth has many wondering about the future of Christianity in the UK. The Queen was outspoken about her faith in Jesus Christ, but how will King Charles change what it means for the monarch to be the “Defender of the Faith”? We all know evangelicals are divided by politics, but a new report by Catholic bishops says Roman Catholics are too. What can we learn from one another? Poverty among kids in the U.S. has declined dramatically in recent decades. Liberals say it’s the result of government programs. Conservative credit economic growth. Who is right?
Then, Anglican pastor Aaron Damiani talks with Skye about his journey from megachurch burnout to life-giving liturgy. His new book, “Earth Filled with Heaven,” is written to Christians skeptical about tradition, rituals, and sacraments, but they might be the key to saving evangelicalism from itself. Plus, why you shouldn’t drink coffee before shopping or trust ads featuring dogs.
Bonus Patreon Interview with Aaron Damiani - Https://
News Segment
0:00 - Intro
03:06 - Dog and cat marketing
9:42 - Drinking coffee before shopping
11:13- The Queen’s faith and Christianity in the UK
21:46 - Catholic church split by politics
30:36 - Child poverty has declined
Interview with Aaron Damiani
“Earth Filled with Heaven: Finding Life in Liturgy, Sacraments, and other Ancient Practices of the Church” -
43:55 - Background
47:47 - Megachurch burnout
52:14 - Liturgy and sacrament overview
59:38 - Misperceptions about liturgy
1:08:21 - Mitigating celebrity dynamics in the church
1:11:48 - Is this just another novelty?
1:15:08 - Credits
Articles from news segment:“Dog owners take more risks, cat owners are more cautious, research finds” by Lei Jia (Salon) -
“Drinking coffee before shopping could make you spend more” by Adam Barnes (The Hill) -
“US Catholic bishops’ report to the Vatican shows a church split by politics” by Claire Giangravé (Religion News Service) -
“Expanded Safety Net Drives Sharp Drop in Child Poverty” by Jason DeParle (NYT) -
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