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What exactly is an evangelical? What does it take to turn a Newsboy into an atheist? And why can't the Germans figure out how to pee?? This week on the podcast!

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French websites hacked and comedians arrested! Muslim prayers at Duke University and no pigs at Oxford Press! It’s post-Charlie Hebdo madness, dear listeners! Plus, the gang responds to your mail… all on the podcast this week!

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2015 is off to a questionable start as the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris inspires much hand-wringing in the media (think Bill Maher) and a lively discussion on the podcast about secularism, its Christian roots, and its shaky future in an increasingly Muslim Europe.

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Welcome to 2015! Skye, Christian and Phil are back talking about movies, worldviews and, you guessed it, the end of western civilization. Plus our friends at Barna Research give their top 10 trends of 2014!

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