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Oscars, Islam, and listener comments with Drew Dyck joining Phil and Skye on this week's podcast!

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Half of Protestant pastors say the Islamic State is “true Islam.” While Muslims are being killed by Christians in central Africa and atheists in North Carolina, Iceland says, “To heck with it all! We’re going back to worshipping Thor!” Plus, an audacious claim that lynchings in the South were “religious rituals” practiced by Christians. It’s a mad, mad, mad world…

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What do the Dalai Lama and Skye Jethani have in common? They were both at the National Prayer Breakfast last week! Stories from the prayer breakfast, plus Katy Perry hears from God and Ken Ham won't be taking a cruise anytime soon. At least not a Carnival Cruise.

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Super Bowl ads make men cry, subverted fairy tales annoy Phil, and “Christianophobia” is now a real term with a new book to back it up! Drew Dyck joins Phil and Skye to discuss manly stuff like football, moral relativism and puppies!

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