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Historically, evangelicals have been the group of Americans most resistant to taking action against climate change. The National Association of Evangelicals hopes to change that. Phil, Christian and Skye discuss the NAE’s new report and their attempt to ground environmental care in the biblical call to love your neighbor. Will it work?

Then, the Most Interesting Evangelical in the World, Bob Roberts Jr., is back to talk about extremism. For over 20 years he has been a trailblazer in the peacemaking and international religious freedom arenas, and has studied how extremism takes root. That’s why Roberts says what’s happening in America right now is terrifying, and warns the church that remaining silent about conspiracy theories, political hate speech, and Christian Nationalism is not an option. Plus, a pumpkin regatta and tomatoes hit the road.

News Segment

00:00 - Intro
5:00 - Phil's mistakes
10:41 - Tomatoes hit the road
17:37 - Evangelicals and climate change


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Interview with Bob Roberts Jr.

Bob Roberts Jr. -

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46:37 - Bob Roberts Jr. interview intro
48:51 - Extremism in America
56:01 - Defining Christian nationalism
1:00:21 - The church's call
1:22:10 - Hope in this moment
1:26:31 - Credits

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