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Christians in Germany are using ChatGPT to create liturgies and even preach sermons. Is the rise of AI different from previous technologies, and how should the church respond? Meanwhile, the South Baptists voted overwhelmingly to prohibit women from being pastors and banned any churches that disagree. How did an issue that even John Piper argued was not essential in 1991 become grounds for excommunication in 2023? Then, a new documentary by author and pastor, Rasool Berry, introduces the history and meaning of Juneteenth. While some MAGA conservatives are condemning the holiday as “woke,” Berry says it actually has deep connections to Christian theology and the church. Plus, Christian is searching for a castle in Belgium.

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0:48 - Intro


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3:41 - Christian is in Belgium!


6:33 - AI Preacher


16:31-News of the Good


27:30 - Women and the SBC




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55:15 - History of Juneteenth


1:04:38 - The Resistance of White Southerners 


1:15:11 - Juneteenth’s connections with Christian Theology


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The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth by Beth Allison Barr


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