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How big is the scope of the gospel? What does God's kingdom include? And what happens when we discover the American church isn’t the center of it? Based on the book Inalienable by Eric Costanzo, Daniel Yang, and Matthew Soerens, in this episode Skye Jethani (co-host of The Holy Post) talks to theologian and missiologist Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst. With extensive experience in the Latin American church, Padilla DeBorst explains how popular American Christianity misunderstands the Kingdom of God, and how seeking the wisdom of the global church can guild the American church through its current crisis.

"Inalienable: How Marginalized Kingdom Voices Can Help Save the American Church" by Eric Costanzo, Daniel Yang, and Matthew Soerens -

0:00 - Theme song and intro
Interview with Ruth Padilla DeBorst
2:46 - Misunderstandings and assumptions about Christians in the Global South
7:41 - Power and privilege
13:39 - Theologies of liberation
18:10 - Immigrants in the American church
21:06 - Is partnership possible?
25:05 - Celebrity leader dynamics
31:32 - Learning from another contextSponsor:
35:21 - World Relief sponsorship
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Debrief with Matthew Soerens and Daniel Yang
37:18 - Debrief intro
39:18 - U.S. short-term missions
41:25 - Daniel's family experience
44:13 - Communal culture
49:15 - Laying down preferences
55:35 - The good and the bad in American influence1:01:18 - CreditsResource referenced by Daniel Yang:
GlocalNet -

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