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Remember when churches were seeker-sensitive? The goal was to grow by welcoming newcomers, skeptics, and non-believers. But now it seems some evangelical churches and denominations are more worried about ideological purity than outreach. Sociologist, political scientists, and pastor Ryan Burge is back to talk about the self-defeating trend toward subtraction rather than addition in the church. Also this week, the Southern Baptists decide not to ban all women pastors…yet. Megan Basham claims evangelical leaders aren’t selling out to conservative constituents, but to gain the approval of liberal elites. Death cafes open in L.A., and the Swiss are making tiny computers from brain cells. What could possibly go wrong?


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3:14 - Theme Song


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5:58 - Democracy Betrays News of the Butt


6:38 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Swiss Brain-Computers


13:02 - SBC Law Amendment Denied Ratification


20:33 - Baptist Church Conservative Resurgence


25:03 - Being a Cultural War Symbol Rather Than a Person


30:20 - Shepherds for Sale and How Everyone Has Economic Benefit


36:37 - The Temptation to Look Down on Others


41:55 - Modern Death Cafes in Los Angeles 


44:28 - Sleeping in a Room with a Casket


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52:40 - Interview


59:56 - American Behavior Changing Faster Than Their Beliefs


1:05:43 - The Disappearance of The Christian Left


1:09:22 - Strict Churches vs Moderate Churches


1:22:10 - The Nicene Creed, Doctrine, and Dogma


1:31:53 - End Credits


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Modern Death Cafes in LA:


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