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After working for the Department of Homeland Security, and more than twenty years as a counterterrorism expert, Elizabeth Neumann says the greatest threat to the U.S. is no longer international Islamic terrorism but domestic Christian extremists. She discusses her new book, “Kingdom of Rage,” with Skye and how conspiracy theories and violent political ideologies have infiltrated American evangelicalism. Also this week, the Southern Baptists debate which is the greater threat to the faith—the Nicene Creed or female pastors. And new data says drinking and smoking has plummeted among teenagers. Should we thank churches or smartphones?


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6:49 - Why Phil Was Expelled from Bible School (It’s Less Scandalous Than You Think!)


9:42 - The Annual SBC Meeting and Women Preaching, the Law Amendment


13:48 - Conservative SBC and Why Churches Split 


19:26 - Motivations Behind Doctrine Changes matter


31:38 - Drinking, Smoking, and Chewing Tobacco Uncommon Amongst Gen Z


37:18 - Drinking’s Down, Depression’s Up


42:07 - The Church Community Stands Out in an Age of Loneliness


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48:51 - Interview


54:04 - From Focusing on International Threats to Domestic Threats


58:13 - The Mainstreaming of Replacement Theory


1:04:54 - How Neumann Avoided Radicalization


1:09:40 - The Needs That Make People Susceptible to Radicalization


1:18:18 - The Scale That Makes Domestic Radicalization a Huge Threat


1:25:04 - End Credits


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