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Phil is back! He gives an update about his family’s harrowing medical emergency. Then, new data shows the Democratic Party’s grip on Black Christians may be slipping. Esau McCaulley shares his take on the reason. Nancy French talks with Skye about the themes in her new memoir, “Ghosted,” including church sexual abuse, political tribalism, trauma, and her miraculous experiences with God. Also this week—another book ban backfires, and defensive driving Florida style.


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Getting Schooled - Christian Presidents


0:00 - Intro


1:38 - Show Starts


3:10 - Theme Song


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6:04 - Phil Explains the Medical Emergency


15:52 - The Surgery


24:25 - Esau’s Childhood Stomach Surgery


26:50 - Florida Man Rescues Friend from Alligator


28:14 - Florida Man Tries to Ban Bible from Schools


35:06 - Have Democrats Lost the Black Church?


49:03 - Esau’s Dream Proposal


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53:28 - Interview


55:10 - Charismatic Experiences


59:18 - How Did the Frenches Not End Up in MAGA?


1:03:48 - What Radicalized the Republican Voter Base?


1:08:25 - Where There Signs 20 Years Ago That Radicalization Was Coming? 


1:11:30 - Pro-Life Republicans Changing Their Stances?


1:22:20 - What’s the Future for the GOP?


1:33:58 - End Credits

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Man Runs Over Alligator with Truck to Save Neighbor from Attack,a%20pond%20in%20Collier%20County.


Florida Atheist Uses State’s New Book Banning Law to Object to the Bible


Have Democrats Lost the Black Church?


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