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Previously puritanical evangelicals are increasingly embracing profanity and lewd content. A recent New York Times article explores possible explanations ranging from politics and the culture wars, to the internet and the decline of churches. Also, fewer people are reading books, and that’s a challenge for Christian traditions rooted in literacy, education, and the Bible. How do we make disciples in a post-literate culture? Then, more people are comparing our divisive culture to America just before the Civil War. Are we heading toward a national divorce—or worse? Historian Tracy McKenzie is back to share lessons and warnings from 19th century America. Plus, new developments as the turducken turns.

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0:37 - Intro

1:56 - Show Starts

3:10 - Theme Song

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4:36 - Stronger Men’s Conference Story Continued

14:46 - Raunchy Christians

23:23 - Children and Public Spaces

33:00 - Literacy and Discipleship

35:38 - Hearing vs. Reading the Bible

42:23 - Can Churches be the Antidote for a Lonely, Digital World?

51:13 - Integrating Technology and Scripture

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57:03 - Interview

59:03 - Can We Compare Today and 1850?

1:03:21 - How Has Media Affected Current Politics?

1:15:16 - The Role of Conspiracy Theories

1:24:42 - Why Were We More Unified in the Past?

1:35:00 - End Credits

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