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Atheist Richard Dawkins has said he doesn’t believe one word of the Christian faith, but he now considers himself a “cultural Christian” and wants to defend the Christian values of his country against the influence of Islam and immigrants. Does this represent an alignment between the New Atheists and Christian Nationalists? Curtis Chang shares about “The After Party”—the new curriculum he’s developed with David French and Russel Moore to help Christians focus on hope and humility rather than partisanship. Also this week, Mark Driscoll gets booted from a men’s conference. And another infraction by a Florida man with a Bible.


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4:35 - Florida Man Scales Tower with Bible


12:00 - Mark Driscoll Kicked Off Stage After Calling Sword-Swallower a “Jezebel Spirit”


22:35 - Richard Dawkins, the “Cultural Christian”


36:40 - Dusty Deavers, the Country Singin’ Senator


46:06 - Pray for the Middle East


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1:04:34 - The “What” vs the “How”


1:16:26 - Four Quadrant of Political Engagement


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