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Last week the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos created for in-vitro fertilization have the legal status of children, essentially ending all IVF treatments in the state. Some are applauding the ruling as both a morally and theologically consistent affirmation of human life. But others, including some Christians, are saying the pro-life movement is taking things too far. Then, how do we teach kids the core doctrines of the Christian faith when most adults in our churches don’t know them either? Kaitlyn interviews the creators of a new series of children’s books designed to catechize both kids and their parents. Also this week, a new survey suggests Christian Nationalism is in decline, but we think the data is hot garbage.


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6:25 - Jesus and Candy

8:42 - Alabama IVF Law

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51:05 - Interview with Todd Hains & Natasha Kennedy

54:06 - Importance of Catechesis

56:51 - Getting it Published at Lexam

1:03:22 - Not Dumbing it Down

1:08:11 - The Approach to the Illustrations 

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