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David and Skye discuss the upcoming primary election—if most people agree that Biden is too old to hold office, why hasn’t he stepped down? Would a different vice president give voters more confidence? Pastors, doctors, and politicians are routinely threatened with physical violence by MAGA—is this our fault for not standing up publicly against this behavior?


0:00 - Theme Song


0:18 - Episode Starts


0:40 - Biden’s Age


11:14 - Ezra Klein Suggests Democrats Leave Biden


21:33 - Is It Too Risky to Drop Biden?


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32:53 - Trump’s Dedicated Base


37:52 - MAGA’s Violent Threats


44:02 - Silence Permits MAGA Violence


52:33 - Republicans and Career Self-Preservation


57:12 - Local Churches Need Courage


1:06:35 - End Credits


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