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A new book argues that the rise and decline of the Contemporary Christian Music industry helps explain the political idolatry of many Christians, and Karen Swallow Prior says the biblical manhood industry is a scam. These stories lead Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn to discuss whether American evangelicalism is defined more by consumer markets than by theology. Angie Weszely, the CEO of ProGrace, is back to talk about how the church can actually create a culture of life after the overturning of Roe. She says we need to stop seeing abortion as primarily a political and legal issue, and instead recognize that it’s also a pastoral, practical, and emotional one. Also this week, why does Tucker love Russia? And Trumpers ’n sneakers.

Holy Post Plus - Getting Schooled - Revelation

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1:10 - Intro


2:53 - Show Starts


3:49 - Theme Song


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5:29 - Skye’s Theory on Tucker Carlson

10:06 - Trump’s Snazzy Gold Sneakers


13:09 - CCM as a Reflection of American Christianity


43:49 - Biblical Manhood Industrial


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57:10 - Interview


59:25 - Why “Should it be Legal” Isn’t Enough


1:07:58 - Ending vs. Banning Abortion


1:12:57 - Communicating without Shaming


1:19:04 - The Power of Grace


1:29:32 - End Credits

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How Contemporary Christian Music Explains American Christianity


The ‘Biblical Manhood’ Industry is a Scam




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