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The “He Gets Us” campaign ran a Super Bowl ad showing culture war combatants washing each other’s feet. It has conservative Christians upset and non-Christians confused. Phil, Kaitlyn, and Skye react to the ad and unpack the many ways we misunderstand the meaning of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. Then, New Testament professor Nijay Gupta is back to discuss his new book “Strange Religion” about what made early Christianity so weird and compelling. He explains what Roman religion looked like before Christianity, and how those pagan values and practices are returning. Plus, Chinese spy pigeons and swearing parrots.

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5:02 - Skye and U2 in Las Vegas


10:27 - Foul-Mouthed Fowls


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21:40 - Foot-Washing Superbowl Ad


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49:16 - Interview


51:38 - Strange Religion


1:05:31 - What was Roman religion like?


1:13:40 - Modern Pagan Christianity


1:32:15 - End Credits



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