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New Testament professor, award-winning author, and New York Times columnist Esau McCaulley joins Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn for a special year-end episode with a live studio audience. They review what happened in 2023 and offer their picks for the most important news stories of the year. Topics range from Tim Keller’s passing, the navel-gazing of American evangelicalism, and the comfort of Cracker Barrel biscuits. They offer predictions for 2024. Esau joins the audience to play three hilarious rounds of “Bluff the Listener.” And, a 57-year-old woman experiences an “adverse event” in an MRI machine.


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Hear the full version of “The Rise and Fall of Plinky Pete”


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1:06 - Intro


2:02 - Theme Song


2:24 - Show Starts


3:30 - News of the Butt


8:40 - Welcome Esau!


11:40 - Phil’s story of 2023


24:16 - Kaitlyn’s story of 2023


37:20 - Skye’s story of 2023


49:50 - Esau’s story of 2023


1:02:36 - 2024 predictions


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1:13:16 - Bluff the Listener


1:33:12 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:


Why a bucolic Tennessee suburb is a hotbed of ‘Christian Nashville-ism’


The Rev. Timothy Keller, Pioneering Manhattan Evangelist, Dies at 72

What’s lost when religion becomes a ‘luxury good’

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