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Democrats are pro-choice and Republicans are pro-life. Right? According to Ryan Burge it’s not that simple. He says a closer look at the data reveals more nuance to the issue, including a significant number of Black and Latino Democrats who are strongly pro-life, and pro-life Republicans who support traditionally progressive social policies. In a post-Roe America, the abortion issue is getting a lot more complicated. Then, Skye talks to Old Testament professor M. Daniel Carroll about a theology of immigration. He says that before Christians adopt a political policy about immigration they first need a biblical vision of immigrants themselves. All of that, plus smashing pumpkin records.

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Getting Schooled - Local Politics


0:00 - Intro


1:25 - Show starts


2:42 - Theme Song


2:59 - Sponsor - Faithful Counseling


4:13 - Pumpkin Boat Record Broken


13:31 - Abortion rates rising post Dobbs decision


23:14 - Misconceptions about pro-life supporters


41:40 - Sponsor - World Relief


42:52 - Sponsor - Sundays Dog Food


44:06 - Interview Intro

M Daniel Carroll


48:34 - Stories of migrants in the Bible


56:56 - Addressing the fear around immigration


1:04:55 - Illegal Immigration


1:16:29 - End Credits

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