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Theologian and writer, Esau McCaulley, is back to talk about his new memoir “How Far to the Promised Land: One Black Family’s Story of Hope and Survival in the American South.” He says there is grace in learning to tell the complicated facets of his family’s story, rather than reducing it to a single story about race, poverty, or trauma. McCaulley believes that’s a lesson we need to apply to America’s story as well. Also this week, David Brooks writes about the courage and wisdom of three women during World War II. What do their stories tell us about the Christian life today? Plus, why are men thinking so much about the Roman Empire? And a three-legged bear walks into a bar.

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4:15 - A Three-Legged Bear Walks Into a Bar


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Esau McCaulley


49:32 - Why Esau wrote a memoir


54:28 - The Black American Experience


1:20:34 - Fatherhood


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A Three-Legged Bear Walks Into a Bar

Men Think About the Roman Empire All the Time. Here’s What Women Say They Think About

The Feminine Way to Wisdom

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