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A prominent conservative Calvinist has denounced white Christian Nationalism as heretical and racist, but the movement is still gaining popularity within theologically Reformed circles. How deep is this divide among the anti-woke theobros? New data says the massive rise in loneliness and depression is linked to the rise in singleness, and that marriage remains the best predictor of happiness. Then, Russell Moore is back to discuss his new book, “Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America.” He explains how evangelical churches form people to value authoritarian leadership, why evangelicalism’s response to market forces is a great strength and its fatal weakness, and how the fear that drives so many evangelicals is a betrayal of the faith. Plus, cows in cars getting caught.

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Bonus Interview with Russell Moore

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5:29 - Shotgun Riding Bull


12:28 - Owen Strachan calls out white nationalist theobros


33:33 - New report says marriage makes you happier


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Russell Moore


49:46 - Market Driven Christianity


55:57 - Authoritarianism 


1:08:08 - Fear Driven Evangelicalism


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Stop Swiping. Start Settling.


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