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Data indicates that white supremacy is growing in popularity, and according to FBI statistics hate crimes have spiked by 35 percent in recent years. Why can’t America shake itself free from white supremacy? The president and founder of Public Religion Research Institute, Robert P. Jones, is back to discuss his new book about the real roots of white supremacy in the 15th century Doctrine of Discovery. Also this week, why are religious Republican primary candidates losing so badly to Donald Trump? Holy Post Pundit and sociologist, Ryan Burge, says despite 30 years of conservative political activism liberals have clearly won the culture war. So why are so many evangelicals still fighting it? And, research finds robot preachers stink, and Phil is confused about professional corn hole players.


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Robert Jones


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Liberals have won the Culture War

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The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy: and the Path to a Shared American Future by Robert Jones


White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity by Robert Jones


Holy Post Episode 475 with Robert Jones

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