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A new chatbot based on OpenAI claims to have a “biblical worldview” and invites users to ask questions directly to the Apostle Paul. Is this a helpful tool, or another step closer to replacing Christian community with artificial intelligence? Then, a new article in The Atlantic says 40 million Americans have stopped attending church because our culture is addicted to work and no longer values community. But is it all the culture’s fault, or does the church also carry some blame? Washington Post columnist, Christine Emba, is back to discuss her new report about the masculinity crisis. She explains why voices on the far right are engaging men with a message of misogyny and anger, while voices on the left aren’t trying to engage men at all. Is there a better way out of the crisis? Also this week—toxic zombie worms

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Interview with Amy Peeler on her Barbie movie article


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1:06:28 - Responses on the right to the masculinity crisis


1:17:14 - Responses on the left to the masculinity crisis


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A worm has been revived after 46,000 years in the Siberian permafrost


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The Misunderstood Reason Millions of Americans Stopped Going to Church

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