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Throughout the Bible, God’s people are commanded to show hospitality to strangers. But Christian Nationalists unhappy about the number of immigrants in the U.S. are redefining biblical hospitality and twisting the words of Jesus to justify the deportation of millions. What does their inversion of biblical teachings reveal about the Christian Nationalist agenda? Then, pastor, political science professor, and Holy Post Pundit, Ryan Burge, is back to talk about the surprising data around the political activism of atheists, and why the rise of non-religious Americans is dangerous for democracy and destabilizing for society. Plus, why did the media obsess over the five lives lost on the Titanic submersible and largely ignore the capsized refugee boat that killed more than 500?

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0:00 - Intro


1:17 - Show Starts


2:28 - Theme Song


2:49 - Sinking of the Titan Submersible


10:11 - Christian Hospitality = Mass Deportation?


22:39 - Responding to Common Objections of Our Stance on Immigration




39:31 - Sponsor - Faithful Counseling


40:39 - Sponsor - Blueland


41:47 - Interview Intro


44:09 - The rise of political activism among atheists


54:11 - Political activism replacing religious impulses


1:02:59 - Religious Freedom


1:19:19  - End Credits

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