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 Influential pastor, author, and apologist, Tim Keller, passed away last week. We reflect on Keller’s ministry and wonder who is filling the shoes of the Christian giants we’ve lost. A new book about poverty says that the U.S. spends more on welfare than any other country except France, but the majority goes to help the wealthy and middle-class rather than the poor. Why aren’t we doing more to end poverty, and is our view of the Bible to blame? Then, it’s been 25 years since Rich Mullins died. Skye talks to Mullins’ friend James Bryan Smith about the songwriter’s inspiring life and legacy. Plus, Matthew Soerens shares some good news from the Southern border.


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0:49 - Intro


3:08 - Show Starts


3:51 - Theme Song


4:12 - Remembering Tim Keller 


25:51 - News of the Good


36:01- American Poverty




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1:05:17 - Interview Intro - James Bryan Smith


1:07:09 - How Rich and Bryan became friends


1:13:07 - Rich’s uniqueness and authenticity


1:25:53 - Rich’s reliance on God 


1:35:20  - End Credits

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