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Feedback on the recent episode about the teen mental health report by the CDC was so strong that the Holy Post gang revisits the topic. Jonathan Haidt says three untruths that fuel depression were embraced by progressives ten years ago, but now they’re commonplace among conservatives too. Then, in 1976, Jimmy Carter represented a biblically-rooted evangelicalism that was also politically progressive. So, why did white evangelicals abandon him—or did they? And former Facebook executive, Nona Jones, explains why social media companies say their mission is to create community but their business models do the opposite. Jones still believes there is hope for these platforms and is now working with YouVersion to build digital disciples. Plus, respected historian, Dave, believes there’s a buried treasure under Kate’s house.


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0:00 -  Intro

2:39 - Theme Song

3:00 - The Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant thought to be found in England

12:16 - Teenage Mental Health

38:10 - Jimmy Carter and Evangelicals 

48:50 - Ryan Burge on race and religion in American politics



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55:34 - Guest Interview - Nona Jones


58:39 - Nona’s time at Facebook


1:05:55 - The potential and the limits of technology in the Church


1:16:57 - How to use social media for the well-being of people


1:29:57 - End Credits


Links mentioned in news segment:


 Holy Grail and Ark of Covenant thought to be located under an English house -

Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Sank First and Fastest -

Jimmy Carter embodies the ‘road not taken’ by many White evangelical Christians -


Ryan Burge - This is how much race matters more than religion in American politics

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Killing Comparison: Reject the Lie You Aren't Good Enough and Live Confident in Who God Made You to Be by Nona Jones - 

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