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How did American politics go from a disagreement over policies to become a war between the forces of good and evil? Phil takes us on a journey through the fascinating origins of the New Apostolic Reformation movement as he traces a line from a professor at Fuller Seminary in the 1980s to the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Along the way, we learn how the movement popularized the integration of culture, politics, and spiritual warfare, and shaped the imaginations of generations of evangelicals. Plus, the Chinese spy balloon is a Rorschach test in the sky. And creepy things are happening to mice at a children’s hospital in Cincinnati.


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0:00 -  Intro

2:32 - Chinese balloon

15:18 - Animal News

20:10 -  Charismatic history

53:23 - National Prayer Breakfast

59:40 - End Credits


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“Three Chinese Balloons Flew Over US During Trump Presidency” - 


“Scientists Grew Mini Human Guts Inside Mice” -,of%20the%20human%20immune%20system


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