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Were you an evangelical kid in the 1970s, 80s, or 90s? Then you may be suffering from the lingering affects of “rapture anxiety.” Why did rapture theology feature so prominently in the American church, where did it come from, and why does it seem so bizarre to Christians today? Then, Russell Moore has a new article on the heresy of Christian Nationalism accusing it of doing to conservatives what the Social Gospel did to progressives a century ago.

Skye then talks to Silicon Valley pastor, Jay Y. Kim, about his book “Analog Christian: Cultivating Contentment, Resilience, and Wisdom in the Digital Age.” Kim says social media is designed to produce the opposite of the Fruit of the Spirit in us, and argues we need to “linger longer” in non-digital, incarnate spaces and relationships to combat its affects. Plus, don’t take a raccoon into a bar, and one tough Turkish toddler.

Bonus Patreon Interview with Jay Y. Kim -

News Segment
00:00 - Intro
2:08- Animal news
9:39 - Rapture anxiety
25:08 - Russell Moore on Christian nationalism

Interview with Jay Y. Kim
“Analog Christian: Cultivating Contentment, Resilience, and Wisdom in the Digital Age” -

39:51 - Interview intro
43:04 - Technology and cigarette analogy
46:41 - Spiritual formation in Silicon Valley
51:18 - Are mediums really neutral?
56:20 - Love vs. self-centric despair
1:06:04 - Lingering longer

Links from news segment:
“Woman who brought raccoon to North Dakota bar is charged” (ABC News) -

“Toddler Bites Snake to Death after It Sunk Its Fangs into Her Lip” (Newsweek) -

“For some Christians, ‘rapture anxiety’ can take a lifetime to heal” (CNN) -

“Christian Nationalism Cannot Save the World” by Russell Moore (Moore to the Point newsletter) -

Resources from interview:
“Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid” by Jonathan Haidt (The Atlantic) -

“When Church Became Theatre: The Transformation of Evangelical Architecture and Worship in Nineteenth-Century America” by Jeanne Halgren Kilde -

“Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age” by Jay Y. Kim -

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