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Immediately after President Biden announced his college loan forgiveness plan Christians started debating it. Some are arguing that debt forgiveness is deeply biblical, while others say it’s completely immoral. Who’s right? Or, are both sides missing the point? Then, Phil is still processing the last French Friday episode about why so many politically active evangelicals see policy goals as absolute and Christian virtues as flexible. He offers his theories. Skye then talks to pastor Rich Villodas about his conversion, his early spiritual formation, and how he’s avoided the pitfalls of pastoral ministry. His new book is “Good and Beautiful and Kind: Becoming Whole in a Fractured World.” Plus: Row, row, row…your pumpkin?

News Segment
0:00 - Intro
2:48 - Pumpkin boat recording
13:36 - French Friday follow-up
29:27 - Debt forgiveness

Interview with Rich Villodas
“Good and Beautiful and Kind: Becoming Whole in a Fractured World” -

48:11 - Rich Villodas interview intro
49:54 - Rich’s background and early spiritual formation
1:03:59 - Mentors
1:11:11 - The church today
1:13:38 - Self-differentiation
1:18:27 - Coaching pastors and leaders
1:23:42 - Advice for church leaders
1:27:43 - Credits

“‘Gourdspeed.’ 60-year-old paddles 38 miles in huge pumpkin to set record, photos show” -

French Friday: De-Radicalizing the Church & Learning from Atheists -

“Christian Political Ethics are Upside-Down” by David French (The Dispatch) -

Tony Perkins interview that Phil references -

“Republicans Opposing Student-Loan Relief Are Forgetting the Biblical Tradition of Debt Forgiveness” by William J. Barber II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (Time) -

“Is There a Christian Case for Biden’s Debt Relief Plan?” by David French (The Dispatch) -

“Best of: Cancel America’s Student Loan Debt! But How?” podcast episode (The Argument, NYT) -

Rich Villodas:

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