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With Trump out of office and the pandemic restrictions eased, Christian Nationalists are looking for new causes to rally the MAGA faithful. The Holy Post crew looks at the latest stories from these holy trollers including Michael Flynn’s incoherent argument that the Bible “wrote” most of the Constitution. A new exposé of MAGA worship leader Sean Feucht by Rolling Stone shows his ministry, which has one employee, has raised millions in donations and purchased three houses. And Jemar Tisby offers a useful definition of Christian Nationalism that reveals why it’s not Christian at all. Then Kaitlyn Schiess interviews disabled scholar and Shakespeare lecturer, Amy Kenny, about her book My Body is Not a Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church. Together, they unpack overlooked or misinterpreted passages in the gospels about disabilities, and Kenny explains why the church is missing out on the prophetic witness and blessing of disability.

News Segment:
0:00 - Intro
3:56 - Rolling Stone article on Sean Feucht
13:37 - Michael Flynn on the Bible and the Constitution
15:38 - 7 Mountain Dominionists event
24:30 - What do we do about Christian nationalism?
34:37 - Jemar Tisby's definition of Christian nationalism
38:50 - PRRI stat on addressing common problems
48:00 - Holy Post announcements
Interview with Amy Kenny
"My Body is Not a Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church" -
49:51 - Amy Kenny Intro
51:08 - Book background
55:01 - Damaging things Christians say
1:00:13 - Theological errors
1:02:50 - Disability and Scripture
1:20:26 - How churches can think differently about disability
1:26:24 - Credits

Articles mentioned in news segment:

"MAGA Preacher Sean Feucht Scored Millions From His Trump-Loving Flock" (Rolling Stone) -

"Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Says 75-80% of the Constitution was ‘Created by the Bible Itself’" (Mediaite) -

"The 7 Mountain Dominionists converge on Duluth, Georgia" by John Fea (Current) -

"Christian Nationalism's Influence on American Politics" (with Jemar Tisby, NPR) -

PRRI stats on prioritizing political cooperation to solve common problems -

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