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Christians who oppose more restrictive gun control policies say we have a God-given constitutional right to self-defense. But is there any evidence to back this claim? With Christian and Kaitlyn both in Europe, Phil and Skye invite Mike Erre from the Voxology podcast to fill the empty co-host chair. Mike looks at the biblical texts cited by gun advocates and says that even if self-defense can be justified, for the Christian it is not a “right.”
Then, Skye talks to Lina AbuJamra about her book, “Fractured Faith: Finding Your Way Back to Faith in an Age of Deconstruction.” Like so many, AbuJamra entered a season of significant doubt not because of anti-Christian messages from the culture, but after experiencing a toxic leadership culture at her church. She shares what restored her faith, the danger of false expectations, and why honesty about our disillusionment is the first step. Also this week—California declares that bees are fish, and scientists accidentally create murder hamsters. What could possibly go wrong?
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News Segment:
0:00 - Intro
4:18 - Bees are fish
9:11 - Murder hamsters
14:55 - Re: French Friday episode on gun control
19:39 - Constitutional right to self-defense?
27:05 - Biblical right to self-defense?
46:53 - Thoughts and prayers
51:28 - Faithful Counseling
Interview with Lina AbuJamra:
“Fractured Faith: Finding Your Way Back to God in an Age of Deconstruction” -
52:38 - Lina AbuJamra intro
54:44 - Journey that led to deconstruction
1:02:20 - False expectations
1:08:10 - American evangelical leadership crisis
1:15:23 - Honesty in disillusionment
1:24:56 - Credits
Other resources mentioned:
Voxology podcast -
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