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The last five or six years have been rough for many thoughtful faithful Christians. The embrace of Trump and Trumpism, the rise of ethnic nationalism and xenophobia, conspiracy theories and abuse scandals have rocked the church.

Many have walked away in disgust. Some have spoken out and paid the price and yet, rather than walking away, they have remained committed to Christ and his church. We wanted to sit down with a few of those who have cried out like voices in the wilderness and who have been attacked by the church they love, and yet still remain. One of those people is Russell Moore who spent his whole life in the Southern Baptist convention. After standing against Trump and then advocating for an honest assessment of sexual abuse within the SBC, Moore became a pariah among the conservative wing of the convention, ultimately leading to his departure from the SBC. I sat down with Russell Moore to hear his story and find out why through it all, he's still following Jesus.

0:00 - Theme Song


0:29 - Intro


1:37 - Moore speaking out in 2016


11:16 - How Moore’s faith has been impacted


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18:03 - How Moore stays focus on Jesus


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Russell Moore

Episode Music - “Sorrow’s Got a Hold On Me” by Paul Zach


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