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For decades, political strategists spoke about the "God gap" in which white religious believers were more Republican and white non-believers more Democratic. Recent data shows a new God gap emerging within the Democratic Party. David French explains how secular white progressives are now pushing religious Black and Latino voters out of the Democratic coalition. Then, Jethani and French explore how Trump has discipled the church more than the church has discipled Trump. There's growing evidence that cruelty, dishonesty, and a refusal to repent are being embraced by Christians aligned with Trump. Will this trend self-correct and what will be its legacy on our culture?

0:00 - Theme song and intro

0:46 - The new God gap

31:33 - Discipled by Trump

1:00:33 - Credits

"The God Gap Helps Explain a 'Seismic Shift' in American Politics" (The Dispatch) -

"There Is No Remaining Christian Case for Trump" (The Dispatch) -

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