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David French is in studio with Skye Jethani and Phil Vischer for a special edition of French Friday. First, they discuss new survey results showing most evangelicals hold shockingly heretical beliefs about the nature of Jesus, but they are absolutely clear about sexual ethics. What does it mean for evangelicalism to make doctrine optional and sexual purity essential?

Then, comments from leading conservative voices appear to contradict core conservative values. Can conservatism still be defined, or has it deteriorated into a reactionary movement to “own the libs” and nothing more? Plus, David and Skye nerd-out about the new Amazon series, “The Rings of Power.”

0:00 - Intro

1:55 - Is evangelicalism about Jesus or sexual ethics?

26:24 - Can conservatism be defined?

57:57 - Nerd corner

Links and resources mentioned: The Dispatch -

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“The American right’s future involves waging a ‘religious battle’ against the left, leaders say at a conservative conference” (NBC) -

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“The Evangelical Question in the History of American Religion” by Kirsten Sanders (The Hedgehog Review) -

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“How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t” by Tim Keller, 2018 (NYT) -

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