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The U.S. midterm elections were full of surprises. The Holy Post crew asks if the political side of the pro-life movement has hit a wall, and if the Republican Party is really moving on from Donald Trump. Then, new data shows a sharp rise among evangelicals who didn’t attend college and who don’t attend church identifying as Republicans. What does it mean? And a new book chronicles the rise of Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and the rage-fueled conservative youth culture. Then, Skye talks to Christianity Today’s Morgan Lee about what global Christian leaders think about guns and self-defense. Her reporting on the issue reveals a wide spectrum of beliefs, how our perspective may be more cultural than biblical, and why dysfunctional governments elevate the appeal of guns. Plus, no one accidentally licks a toad.

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News Segment
0:00 - Intro
4:26 - Psychedelic toads
9:24 - Midterm election debrief
22:33 - Conservative youth culture
34:01 - New data on evangelical Republicans

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Interview with Morgan Lee
“Should Christians Own Guns for Self-Defense? A Global Snapshot” (Christianity Today) -

Morgan Lee:

43:58 - Interview intro
47:42 - Article overview
51:38 - “God-given right to self-defense”
59:18 - Biblical basis for arguments
1:10:34 - Safe societies and effectiveness of government
1:14:42 - Credits

Links from news segment:
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“How America’s conservative youth youth movement grew a powerhouse on the cult of rage” (Religion News Service) -

Data from Ryan Burge on evangelical Republicans -

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