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With the midterm elections happening in the U.S., we’ve seen a rise in both hyperbolic political rhetoric and political violence. There’s evidence that fewer Christians are willing to denounce the use of armed conflict to achieve political goals, with some even arguing America was founded on it. Are they right? Is there a Christian case for political violence? Then, Skye interviews Joe Leininger, a Christian business leader about his journey from believing God only cared about ministry to a much wider vision of his work in the world. Leininger’s new book, “Dirt Clods and Donkeys: An experiment in mentoring that changed lives,” explores how he has helped other Christians in the marketplace develop a more integrated faith. Also this week—Indiana police pursue Pikachu, don’t kiss camels in Qatar, and Kaitlyn explains why she’s a nerd but not a geek.

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News Segment
00:00 - Intro
5:27 - Police pursue Pikachu
11:27 - Camels in Qatar
18:35 - Political violence
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Interview with Joe Leininger
“Dirt Clods and Donkeys” -

Joe Leininger -
43:36 - Interview intro
46:09 - Formation in faith and business
51:28 - Christian assumptions about business
55:50 - A wider vision of God’s work in the world
1:01:45 - Capitalism
1:05:44 - Risk and allocation of resources
1:09:31 - Mentoring
1:14:10 - Credits
Links from news segment:
“Indiana man dressed as Pikachu ran from police on lawn mower, cops say” -

“World Cup fans told ‘steer clear of camels’ in Qatar due to bug ‘deadlier than Covid’ -

“Some American Protestants Aren’t Letting Go of Revolution” -

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