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Everyone is suddenly talking about Christian nationalism. Some on the political right are embracing the label, while others on the political left are condemning it. Bart Barber, the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention, was interviewed on 60 Minutes this week to explain why Christian nationalism is fundamentally anti-Baptist. But Al Mohler, another influential SBC leader, is less eager to condemn Christian nationalism and takes a more nuanced view. Mohler also says any Christian who doesn’t vote for the Republican Party is being “unfaithful to God.” The Holy Post crew unpacks his argument. 

Then, Skye interviews Georgetown professor, Paul D. Miller, about his new book, “The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism.” Miller defines Christian nationalism historically, and explains why it is both anti-American and anti-Christian. Plus—When you give a pig a beer...

Bonus Patreon Interview with Paul D. Miller: Ukraine & Nuclear Armageddon -

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News Segment

00:44 - Intro

2:39 - Phil’s animation adventures

7:53 - Animal News

12:09 - SBC leaders on Christian nationalism


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Interview with Paul D. Miller


“The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism” -


43:24 - Interview intro

44:57 - Paul’s background

47:59 - What is Christian nationalism?

49:42 - Critique of Christian nationalism

54:18 - Christian nationalism then and now

1:03:11 - Race and Christian nationalism

1:11:05 - Nationalism vs nationality

1:12:57 - Advice for spiritual leaders

1:17:29 - Credits

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Southern Baptist Convention President Bart Barber on Trump, abortion, sex abuse in the church and more (CBS) -

“The Guardrails” (The Run-Up podcast) -

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