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In a recent 60 minutes interview, Pope Francis sparked controversy when he claimed that humans are fundamentally good. Katelyn Beaty joins Phil and Kaitlyn to discuss the Pope's comments, and why our theology needs to include both the doctrine that all humans are made in the image of God and an understanding of original sin. Also, new survey data suggests that the "Religious Nones" have plateaued and religious affiliation among Gen Z is on the rise. We discuss why this might be happening and how the "weirdness" of Christianity is what makes it appealing to so many people right now. Then Skye sits down with Sean McGever to discuss his new book, Ownership: The Evangelical Legacy of Slavery in Edwards, Wesley, and Whitefield. They explore how these three historical evangelical leaders navigated the morality of slavery and the lasting impact it is still having on the Church today. Plus, even priests are not immune to Florida Man Syndrome.


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5:39 - Italian Island Overrun by Goats


10:31 - Pope Francis Calls Humans “Fundamentally Good?”


28:20 - Ryan Burge and the Plateauing of the Nones


45:57 - Florida Priest Bites Woman


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51:17 - Interview


59:56 - Opposing Slave Trade, but Not Slavery


1:09:47 - How Edwards, Whitfield, and Wesley Influenced Attitudes About Slavery


1:20:05 - Avoiding Moral Blindspots


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Ryan Burge and Nones Plateau


Florida Priest Admits Biting Woman in Defense of Eucharist


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