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If Jesus is the reason for the season, why do most Christians celebrate Christmas at home with their families rather than at church? David Taylor, a professor of culture and theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, joins Skye to discuss the origins of Christmas in America. He says Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens, and Coca-Cola have done more to influence how we celebrate the birth of Jesus than gospel writers. And he explains why the Puritans who first settled in America believed Christmas was satanic. Speaking of Satan, we have an update on the Satanic Temple display in the Iowa State Capital. The Texas Supreme Court made a controversial, and confusing, ruling about abortion. And what happens when Americans say they’re more religious but they are less likely to engage in religious practices like attending a church?


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22:01 - Texas Abortion Case


44:09 - Republican and Democrat attitudes towards Religion


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1:05:28 - The Puritan’s impact on Christmas


1:09:18 - Queen Victoria’s  impact on Christmas


1:17:23 - Charles Dickens impact on Christmas


1:26:44 - Christmas in America Today


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