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Conspiracy theories, political idolatry, church divisions, and pastoral burnout. How do we explain what’s happened to the evangelical movement in America? Tim Alberta is a political journalist and staff writer for The Atlantic. His new book, “The Power, the Glory, and the Kingdom,” looks at how evangelicalism lost its way. As an evangelical himself, Alberta says fear and greed created the conditions for extremism to take over the movement. Also this week, surprising data after the Dobbs decision shows birthrates are up in states that banned abortion, but overall abortion rates nationwide are also higher. And should we use ChatGPT to interpret the Bible? Kaitlyn’s new article says probably not.


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Extended Tim Alberta Interview

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1:25 - Show starts


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3:45 - Are abortion rates increasing or decreasing 


26:25 - Should AI interpret Scripture


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50:38 - Interview Intro


55:20 - What made evangelicals feel under siege


1:06:00 - Pervasive greed


1:13:00 - How Trumpism is impacting the local church


1:30:06 - End Credits

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Why Do We Want AI to Interpret Scripture?

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The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism by Tim Alberta -


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