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World-renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright is back! He’s written an entire book about the 8th chapter of Romans, and he talks to Skye about how this chapter and its themes—including glorification and even salvation—are widely misunderstood. Also this week—How over-simplifying the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can lead to bad takes about the war in Gaza, including the justification of terrorism and atrocities. David French has a new article explaining why devotion to Trump won’t break among some Christians, leading Kaitlyn and Skye to debate the roles of reason and emotion in politics. And Phil refuses to talk about a bear that stole a frozen lasagna

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NT Wright Debrief with Glenn Packiam


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7:38 - Latest thoughts on the Israel and Hamas War


32:04 - Advice on how to think about the conflict


38:49 - Why the Trump Fever won’t break

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1:02:42 - The Gospel according to Paul


1:16:52 - Lament


1:25:44 - Romans 8:28


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Opinion | One Reason the Trump Fever Won’t Break

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Into the Heart of Romans: A Deep Dive into Paul's Greatest Letter by NT Wright


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