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The Senate is relaxing its dress code so senators can wear hoodies and gym shorts, but senate staffers are still required to wear suits and ties. Is it a meaningless change or the sign of wider institutional decay? A new study finds 7 out of 10 pastors say their congregations are more fearful about the world and the future. Are they really being shaped by the gospel of Christ or by the fearmongers in the media? And researchers asked religious Americans, what’s the bigger problem today—actual racism or false accusations of racism? The responses are telling. Then, author Philip Yancey is back for the 25th anniversary of his best-selling book, “What So Amazing About Grace?” He says our culture is even more divided and condemning than when he first wrote the book in the 1990s, and he examines why grace has fallen out of favor even among Christians and how to get it back.

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1:08:12 - Why social outcasts are often drawn to Jesus


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Nearly 70% of churchgoers have 'a growing sense of fear': Lifeway Research


White Christians say too many see racism when it’s not there, new poll finds

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