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An unknown country singer with a fake name has skyrocketed to the top of the charts with the song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” and the film “The Sound of Freedom” has become one of the top-grossing movies of the year. These sleeper hits were both fueled by the MAGA media and conservative audiences. What do they say about the movement and the divisions in American culture? Then, Skye talks to Kaitlyn about the launch of her new book, “The Ballot and the Bible,” and the way political movements have used and abused scripture throughout American history. She also explains how George W. Bush and Barack Obama used the Bible very differently during their presidencies, and the surprising reason Obama cited scripture far more often. Also this week—backyard billionaire wrestling, China hires full-time adult children, and a three-year-old with the worst superpower ever.


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Bonus interview with Kaitlyn Schiess


Christian Asks - How do we know we're really maturing in Christ?

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Kaitlyn Schiess


1:02:13 - How the Bible was used during the American Revolution


1:09:29 - Romans 13


1:26:25 - How Bush and Obama used Scripture during their presidencies


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