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Hollywood is struggling. Fewer people are going to theaters, but this week saw the opening of two huge movies including Barbie. Can the movie revive Hollywood, or will its social commentary drive more Americans away? Florida’s anti-woke policy is now revising how its public schools teach history by saying enslaved people benefited from the skills they learned. What’s really behind the move to downplay the evil of slavery? Dr. Carmen Imes is back to discuss her new book “Being God’s Image.” She says the Bible has a radical message of human dignity and equality, but Christian communities often unknowingly undermine this ethic. Plus, Elon Musk rebrands Twitter, and scary stories from the beach.

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Getting Schooled - Trinity and Gender 101

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4:08 - Scary Stories from the Beach


10:57 - Barbenheimer and Conservative outrage over Hollywood


31:39 - Florida trying downplay slavery


45:12 - Twitter changing to X


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54:20 - Interview Intro


59:56 - What it means to be God’s image


1:12:24 - What the Church gets wrong about the Image of God


1:22:00 - How Jesus is and isn’t the Image of God


1:30:43 - End Credits

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‘Barbie’ breaks box-office records while crushing right-wing outrage

New Florida standards teach students that some Black people benefited from slavery because it taught useful skills


Twitter is turning into X. Analysts don’t see the treasure map.

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