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How did a theological system that rejected Christian participation in politics eventually give birth to the Religious Right? Phil talks to historian Daniel Hummel about the spread of rapture theology in the 20th century, why it spawned so many conspiracies, the legacy of the Left Behind books, and why rapture theology remains so popular despite being rejected by nearly every evangelical seminary. Also this week, why did controversial author, Joshua Butler, resign from his church? The embrace of Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump by the Religious Right is proof that the movement is now entirely post-Christian. And reflections on the coronation of King Charles III.

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4:44 - Coronation of King Charles III


14:24 - News of the Good


17:42 - Resignation of Josh Butler


22:26 - The Post Christian Right


31:29 - The End of the Values Voter Wing of the GOP




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54:03 - The Scofield Bible and Fundamentalism Christianity


1:04:19 - Late Great Planet Earth


1:11:45 - Tim LaHaye and the Left Behind Series


1:20:39 - The Academic Decline of Premillennialism Dispensationalism 


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Josh Butler Resigns as Pastor Following TGC Article Backlash


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Tucker Carlson’s Dark and Malign Influence Over the Christian Right

Trump killed the ‘values voter’ wing of the GOP. It isn’t coming back in 2024

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The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism: How the Evangelical Battle over the End Times Shaped a Nation by Daniel Hummel


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