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After admitting it broadcast election lies and conspiracies, and paying $787 million in damages, Fox News has fired its most popular host. Does this signal a change at the cable news network? An online chatbot says Christianity gives it hope. Are we witnessing the first A.I. convert? Then, more innocent people are being shot by fearful gun owners who “feel threatened.” Is this the inevitable outcome of America’s addiction to fear and idolatry of guns? And Derwin Gray is back to ask a question he’s been sitting on for 20 years—why isn’t the Civil Rights Movement considered a Christian revival? He talks to Skye about the history of revivals in America, and how economic and political idols have prevented us from truly embracing the messianic mandate of Jesus. Plus, a Florida shark got hammered on spring break.

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4:55 - Tucker Carlson Fired from Fox News


15:31 - Florida Man Beats Shark with Hammer


19:20 - Google AI becomes a Christian?


24:06 - Recent “Wrong Place, Wrong time” Shootings


36:50 - Feelings and Institutions



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50:16 - Interview Intro

Derwin Gray -


53:11 - Why the Civil Rights Movement should be considered a revival


1:03:14 - Were the  great American revivals of the past actually revivals?


1:11:55 - Problems of seeing faith as only individualistic 


1:24:12  - End Credits

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