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Description: Rick Warren, the founder and former pastor of Saddleback Church, is speaking out after his church was ejected from the Southern Baptist Convention for ordaining women. Phil explains how the SBC went from being accepting of female leaders, to opposing them, to kicking out churches that depart even slightly on the issue. Then, Kaitlyn talks with Dr. Beth Felker Jones and Dr. Amy Peeler about Joshua Butler’s controversial article comparing the gospel to marital sex. They explain what his article gets fundamentally wrong about the New Testament’s marriage metaphor. Plus, a new study finds evangelicals are the least liked religious group in America, except by evangelicals who think they’re great. And someone is anonymously leaving their mark on Broadway.

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0:00 -  Intro

2:45 - Theme Song

3:55 - News of the Butt

9:03 - Evangelicals loved by Evangelicals, but not anyone else

14:14 - SBC history around women ordination 

26:49 - Denny Burke’s response to Rick Warren

46:14 - Guest Interview - Beth Felker Jones & Amy Peeler

53:47 - Can marriage and sex point us to God?

59:29 - Interpreting the marriage metaphor in Ephesians 5

1::03:11 - Flaws of the giver, receiver framework

1:18:59 - End Credits

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Other resources:


The Bible’s Marriage Metaphor Doesn’t Belong In the Bedroom by Amy Peeler


Protestant bodies, Protestant bedrooms, & our furious need for a theology thereof by Beth Felker Jones


Faithful: A Theology of Sex by Beth Felker Jones

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