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Martin Luther King Jr. is widely celebrated today, but that wasn’t the case when he was killed in 1968. Esau McCaulley’s editorial explains how King’s current popularity comes from the tendency to cherry pick a few MLK quotes about race, but conveniently overlook his more controversial sermons about poverty, justice, and reparations. What does it mean to take King’s words seriously today? Then, scientists have discovered the enormous psychological benefits of awe—the simultaneous feeling of overwhelming wonder and one’s own insignificance. But are they simply affirming what every religion has known forever, and why have evangelicals given up on awe-inspiring architecture? Plus, the remarkable longevity of a lost turtle.


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News Segment

0:00 - Intro

3:33 - Animal News

11:14 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Discussion

18:33 - MLK continued; reparations


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38:03 - The value of AWE and WONDER


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“How A Bit of Awe Can Improve Your Health” by Hope Reese (New York Times) -

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