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Just in time for the holidays, the Holy Post crew is answering another round of voicemails from our Patreon supporters. On this episode, Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn respond to listener questions about how much confidence to put in archeological evidence for the Bible, how did Christians interpret Revelation before the recent invention of "Left Behind" theology, when does satire and social media become sinful, what abortion policies could most Americans agree on, and how do you practice the Sabbath with a demanding job and young kids? Plus, they offer practical advice for avoiding arguments with your family about politics and religion during holiday gatherings.

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00:44 - Intro
6:08 - Ben: Holiday family conversations
11:55 - Brad and Carrie: Dispensationalism
22:58 - Millie: Mocking
25:51 - Sponsor: Faithful Counseling
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27:05 - Cody: Healthy social media use
32:02 - Mark: Sabbath
36:08 - Ali: Archeology and the Bible
46:08 - Peter: How nations treat foreigners
52:03 - Trudie: Political thinking around helping the poor
1:02:31 - Yong: Policies around abortion
1:09:57 - Credits

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